Meal Plan for April (with a birthday party!)

Meal Plan for April (with a birthday party!)

It’s that meal planning and food ordering time of the month again. This month we both need to save money ready for the house move but also spend extra as we have a birthday boy turning 4!

For his birthday we’ve friends and family coming for a day out, which will include a picnic (and feeding the 5 thousand for breakfast), and then a party buffet with his birthday cake (somehow he would like a Moana one argh!) the following day.

To keep within budget we are doing two family food shops to last a fortnight each, instead of one, alongside an extra order just for the party arriving the day before to save on space. Hopefully this means the second family shop can just be topping up on essentials.We are so excited for the new place, that it’s quite easy to feel motivated about keeping that shop to a minimum.

So for the first two weeks, this is what’s on the menu. I plan 10 meals for 14 days because we usually make more than we need to freeze.

Roast dinner (beef for the boys, veggie pie for me, Jamie Oliver style roasties, yorkshires and tonnes of veg. Pukka)

Pesto Pasta

Aubergine balti (adding cauliflower and tamarind for a change)

Superfood salad (cous cous, roasted veggies and toasted pumpkin seeds)

Watercress and pea pesto soup

Allotment pizza

Ikea style veggie meatball spaghetti

Red cooked chicken (I’ll have veggie left overs from the freezer)

Spanish Saussie (The Body Coach, I’ll have the same without the sausage!)

For past meal plans click here 

We are making pancakes and bacon butties when the rabble come over for breakfast on the party weekend to keep it quick.

For the party we’ve got typical kids food with a bit for the adults thrown in:

Chicken nuggets




Party rings (remember those?!)


Sandwiches (in triangles nach)

Dips and carrots/cucumber

Chocolate brownie

Sweetcorn fritters

Sausage rolls

and of course the cake!


Would you add anything for the party food? We’ve not done a kids party at home so would love ideas

J x


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