New Members Only Section

New Members Only Section

My members only section, is where we share our family vlogs and IVF video diary. You can register here or if you already have, log in here. 

Here’s a little about why I have chosen this…

Back in the day, we used to share “A week in our life” videos every week. We loved it. It was fun, it built a little friendly community around us and meant we were motivated to save those memories each week. The world of the internet has changed over that time however, especially the last year. Videos on YouTube can be downloaded, copied or embedded anywhere and there is very little you can do about it. I had my photo stolen only the other week but it took some of you guys kindly asking them too, to get it taken down. I’ve found our videos embedded on the most random of sites and had battles to get them to remove them. Seen friends have their whole channels stolen to make new channels they have no control over. It’s not a risky thing, it’s just not something I am comfortable with. I really miss the old way though of sharing every week, chatting with you guys about ours and yours and doing so in a stress free and fun way.

I stopped having Josh in them over the last few months in part because of the kind of things above.I made most of our old vlogs private. Things have just changed too much for me and I am of course protective of him. I like the idea that if we ever want to remove the videos we can. That’s not truly possible with Youtube though.

I don’t make a living from our vlogs so there is no pressure for me to have them on Youtube either. I’m don’t need to chase subscriber numbers or try to become the next big vlogger. It’s just for fun and enjoyment.

Josh has been bugging me to make videos too. Every time the camera has been out for me to make my own video or to take photos he has been doing every trick in the book to get in it! He also likes to watch the old ones back and wants to “help” make new ones. We’ve made a few private family ones but I’m also missing the old way.

So as I guess, a kind of compromise between the old way and the new world we live in, I’ve set up a members only part of my blog. It’s totally free but it means we have more control over who our family videos are shared with and where they can be embedded. It  just makes me more comfortable. I know lots of people are comfortable with YouTube and that’s cool too, but every family needs to find their own way in life and we are all fumbling in the dark a little as we are the generation first testing these boundaries. Some won’t share anything, even a photo on facebook. Others will share every day on YouTube and every social media you can think of. Both are fine because they are that families choice. They know what’s best for them and their family. This is our way. I haven’t seen anyone do it this way (if you know anyone that does I would love to hear!) so it’s a bit of an experiment, but hopefully it means those of you who loved the more relaxed family vlogs where we could share as we wished and where Josh can be involved will still have them. It’s still free of course, it literally just means watching them on our blog instead. You can still comment below them for a chat, just in the blog comments section instead.

My main channel will still continue on YouTube as normal, it’s just that the family vlogs will be here instead.

I hope that all makes sense. I plan to put family vlogs up most weeks and I’ll send a quick message out by email when it’s up. To register to watch videos in the members only family vlog section, just click here. It takes just a few seconds, barely any details and should stay logged each time you return.

If you have any questions, ask them below or any problems registering catch me


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